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anada has many sightseeing spots like Vancouver,Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls,and so on.This report is written about Rocky Mountains where we can go after staying in Banff. In Canada,we are fined less than $C2,000 when we drink or smoke in public. Cars are absolutely necessary,but we don't have to have the safety check on the car so can see the very old car which I doubt can be driven. The voltage in Canada is 110[V] and the frequency is 60[Hz],and there is six Canadian Standard Times. They have the custom to chip from 10% to 15% of a charge for haveing a meal or using a taxi.

  • We can stay in Banff to go to see the signt of Rocky Mountains like Lake Louise and Canmore. Sun sets lately so we can receive the sunlight from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m..
  • The left picture shows the Banff Downtown. It is cool in summer in Banff to the extent that we feel cold in a short-sleeved shirt. We can see many stylish boutiques and restaurants with the Cascade Mountain in the background.
  • There were a lot of souvenir shops,and most of them had maple syrups which is famous in Canada. A maple cookie which I ate is moderately sweet and good,so I bought. Dream Catchers made by the native Indians were what Takako Tokiwa had presented to Takuya Kimura in the Drama-beautiful life. I bought it too.
  • The right picture shows the Cascade Plaza which has many boutiques.A shop there reduced the price of a short-sleeved shirt by 60% because we were cold in a short-sleeved shirt in Banff in September, so I bought it. By the way the price at Pika Village is the least expensive of any of the shops in Banff-Downtown and a duty-free shop in the airport.
  • We can have a Japanese meal,Chinese meal,French meal,Italian meal, fastfood,and so on in this town. The evaluation of Japanese meals in a foreign country was Tenpura-very good,sushi-good,sukiyaki-good,hakumai-very good in my judgement.It was light at 6:30 p.m. as you can see from these pictures.
  • To my surprise,Japanese travelers and clerks were seen in this town.It seems that Japanese likes sightseeing and big-name brands. I thought it is not necessary to speak Japanese.
  • We can enjoy Cruising,Horseback Riding,Rafting,Fishing,and so on in The Rocky Mountains.

  • Lake Louise-The Icefields

  • We could see some lakes and icefields on the way to Columbia Icefield from Banff.Columbia Icefield is 200km from Banff and we can also travel in a rented car.

  • The left picture shows Lake Louise. Lake Louise is also the base of sightseeing the Rocky Mountains. There is a big hotel near the lake and that scenery is so beautiful. However,we can't go shopping enough.We can enjoy a shopping in Banff and a sightseeing at Lake Louise.
  • The water I bought in that hotel was very expensive. Two ninety nine....Surely I paid $C3. In Turkey,a bottle of water is 20yen(about 25cent).
  • The right picture taken at the Observation Peak which is 3,000 meters above shows Peyto Lake. This lake is so beautiful but I'm sorry I can't show you only in this picture.However you can see the water shining in blue.
  • That is why:Water leaving the glacier is muddy with rocks,gravel and silt.As the stream slows down most of that rubble is left behind to become delta.Silt flows into the icy water where most of it sinks to the bottom.Fine particles of rock ground to the texture of baking flour remain suspended in the water.This "rock flour" scatters the blue-green rays of light,giving the lake its special colour.
  • In Canada,a license is necessary to fish and rare fish must be released,and we can't take more than three trout. We can't get a salmon in this area because of its high position. It is said that a salmon can go up to an altitude of 1,000m.
  • The left picture shows the Bridal Falls and it is said we can get married if we take a picture of it in the background. Around here we can see a lot of spots which are named with interesting names. For example,the Crowfoot Glacier which is the shape of crow-foot, the Castle Mountain,the Weeping Wall where we can hear a woman weeping,and so on. I took a picture at this place not knowing that. When will I marry!?
  • The right picture shows the Athabasca Glacier:which is poised at the end of the Columbia Icefield. It was so cold here that I couldn't be there for a long time even in a snow-board wear. There is a small river on this glacier and it is said that we live 10 years longer with a cup of water,20 years longer with two cups of water.However it is also said we upset our stomach with three cups of water. You can drink easily if you take a something to pour because it is very-very cold.
  • In places the ice is 365 meters thick(1200 feet)- enough to create its own climate and 325 meters square. We can understand the coldness in this area because the gracier grows 30cm under the snow of 30m depth.

  • Takakkaw Falls-Moraine Lake

  • The spots to see the sights in the Rocky Mountains are far from each other.This day's sightseeing spot is Lake Moraine which is closer than the Columbia Icefield and on the south of it.

  • The left picture shows Takakkaw Falls.Though it doesn't seem so big, it is a 300 meter waterfall.The drop was very strong,so I was concerned about the rocks collapsing around it.
  • The right picture shows the Natural Bridge which made the shapes itself. Long ago,the water flowed over the bridge,but the falls of water made a hole and the flow began to flow into it. Though we can't go on the bridge,there is an artificial bridge beside and we can cross it.
  • The left picture shows the Emerald Lake.The color of that is bluer than the Peyto Lake.There is a hiking course around it and it takes 2 hours to go around.It was cloudy,and sometimes sunny or thundering. The climate in the Rockies is so changeable that the climate goes goes from good to bad in ten minutes.
  • We can see various animals like elks,grizzly bears,squirrels, many kinds of birds,and so on in this National Park. I don't know if squirrels are familiar with man or not,it didn't run from me.
  • We are encountered not only animals,but also a natural disaster. In this area,we have a snowslide and heavy snow and we can see many tracks of snowslides:There are no trees on the slope of mountains.In addition to this,we can see a trace of a stratum which is terraced according to ease of weathering. I thought the Rocky Mountains are the treasure of the nature.
  • The left picture shows Lake Moraine. There are ten mountains called Ten peaks around this lake and you can see three of them in the picture. However,I'm sorry for not taking tops clearly because of bad weather.
  • In this Alberta province,Alberta beef is famous. That volume was so great that a 3cm thickness-beef was on the dish. And a whole lobster was on the same dish,and moreover,a whole potato and corn...I was afraid of not being able to eat it all because I had eaten three loafs of French bread,but I ate it all.

  • Sulphur Mountain

  • Sulphur Mountain is in the south of Banff and it takes an hour to go there.At the top we can see a beautiful panorama of 360 degrees.

  • As you see in the left picture, you can see the Banff-Downtown and Cascade Mountain which is a symbol of Banff at the top of Sulphur Mountain.The lake at the upper right in the picture is Lake Minnewanka and the largest lake in Rockies though it was artificially extended.
  • The river on the southern part of Banff-Downtown is Bow River and the hotel at the lower right in the picture is the Banff-Spring-Hotel which is the most largest in this town.
  • The right picture shows an observatory at the top of the mountain and Trans Canada Highway(Route 1) which runs through Newfoundland,Ottawa, Banff,and Vancouver. You can find various spots around this area if you go up after sightseeing the downtown,lakes,and icefields. I think it is one of the great interest spots on a sunny day because it doesn't take much time to go from Banff by bus.